Assets Management


Maintaining and Optimizing Performance

Arava Power employs a multi-track approach, enabling it to optimize system performance to within a 1% resolution and increase profit margins by as much as 50% for operational assets.

Operational efficiency

Improving operational efficiency, contract monitoring and replacement improving O&M terms and performance.


Continuous monitoring of system performance and market conditions, have allowed Arava Power to favorably refinance 60% of senior debt.

Cutting edge technology

Piloting and integrating innovation such as robotic cleaning, anti-PID, string optimization, advanced AI monitoring & analytics.




Repowering a solar plant involves replacing the existing solar panels, inverters and associated equipment with newer, more advanced that offer increased efficiency and improved performance. This process can be carried out on solar fields that have been in operation for several years and are equipped with older technology. The benefits of repowering are numerous and can have a significant impact on the overall productivity and sustainability of the solar energy generation.

Grid Compliance and Integration

Upgrading can ensure that the solar plant remains compliant with grid codes and regulations, which are essential for seamless integration of solar energy into the grid. This can help mitigate potential operational issues and ensure smooth grid interaction, maximizing the revenue generation potential of the solar plant.

Compatibility with Energy Storage

Energy storage is becoming an increasingly popular option for solar plants, as it allows for the capture and storage of excess solar energy for use during periods of low generation or high demand. Upgrading the solar PV and the inverters during the repowering process can ensure compatibility with energy storage systems, enabling the solar plant to take advantage of the benefits of energy storage. This can help optimize the utilization of solar energy, enhance grid stability, and provide additional revenue streams through energy trading or demand management.

Projects Development

Solar Energy

Arava Power continues to be in the forefront developer of utility scale solar projects with 460MWp currently under development. Solar is one of the fastest-growing renewable energy technologies. At Arava, we’re utilising solar power to harness nature’s resources and deliver clean, renewable power to the population.
We develop, construct, and operate solar photovoltaic (PV) and battery storage systems, and we currently have 340MWp of solar PV installed and 272MWp  under construction.

Energy Storage

Energy storage balances that requirement by enabling energy from renewable sources to be stored and delivered whenever and wherever customers need power most.

Arava Power has expanded its storage portfolio significantly in recent years. Today, Arava Power develops, constructs, and operates battery storage systems. Arava Power currently has 220MWp of storage projects under development.


With the extensive land requirements of PV systems, Arava Power is pioneering dual-use projects to maximize available land, while maintaining current uses and minimizing environmental impact.

Arava Power has been awarded 2.5 MW of pilot projects now under development, and has secured thousands of acres of farmland under option.


Arava Power is spearheading development of local energy systems (microgrids) to help build the distributed grid architecture of the future.

These projects combine local load, generation, storage, energy management and EV charging into a holistic system which can interface with the central grid.

Development Strategy


Strong Investment Platform

Built and expanding a high quality, executable portfolio and robust pipeline, through partnerships with expert local developers

Risk Optimized Business Model

Maintain a mix of development stages to capture development premium while creating stable cash flow and optimizing portfolio risk profile

Maximizing Competitive Advantage

Leverage Arava Power’s capabilities and local network to structure and execute project commercial strategy

Long Term Outlook

Generating attractive returns and ensuring long-term performance of assets


Thinking Ahead

The future of the energy sector can no longer be viewed through the narrow lens of a single technology or use case. The electrical grid of the future will require integrated, synergistic and decentralized capabilities.

Technologies, such as grid storage, EV batteries, EV charging, waste-to-energy, DER/DERMS and more are poised to make similar leaps in the coming years. If we have learned anything from the trajectory of the PV market, it is the imperative of positioning one’s business to take full advantage of the technological and subsequent economic transformations.

In addition to these disruptive trends, there is a pressing need for key differentiators and competitive advantages in the development, design, EPC and O&M of PV systems in order to contend with the razor margins imposed by this increasingly competitive market. Arava has and continues to look to technological innovation as one of the most promising sources of such advantages.

In short, we believe that lacking an active strategy for sourcing, developing and integrating energy innovation is a surefire recipe for imminent obsolescence. 


Israel’s Energy Tech Ecosystem

Israel’s EnergyTech ecosystem is growing particularly rapidly – there are already many interesting startups working across various energy solutions and the increased interest in the field is driving additional private and academic R&D.

Arava is actively engaged in the promotion of Israel’s EnergyTech startup community, including sponsoring conferences and cooperating with community administrators.

Our engagement has already begun bearing fruit – we have now sourced and are in discussions with several promising startups in the fields of energy storage, bifacial PV panels and DER/DERMS and continue to seek and receive referrals of additional companies.


Our Experience

Arava’s expertise and years of experience allowed us to aggressively improve system and operations efficiency. Employing a multi-track approach, we have successfully strengthened system performance, bolstered earnings, increased profitability and improved the return to our investors.

The cornerstone of this achievement was our investment, Beta deployment and integration of two cutting edge technologies, which in addition to providing impressively increasing valuations, have been instrumental in improving system performance and return:

Ecoppia developed a robotic cleaning solution for solar panels but was having trouble getting the company off the ground. Following Arava’s 2013 investment and pilot, Ecoppia went on to become the world leader in robotic solutions for PV, with over 17GW of secured projects.

Having developed a unique AI diagnostics and optimization solution for PV systems, Arava’s 2016 investment and hugely successful pilot brought substantial benefits to Arava’s IRR and helped RayCatch attain massive subsequent growth, with deployments on over 2GW of systems.

Investing in Energy Innovation

Building on our successful investments, Arava is launching a strategic investment and partnership program, seeking both disruptive and incremental innovations encompassing the entire range of renewable energy solutions, with particular focus on technologies possessing synergistic value to Arava’s core business.

In addition to considering individual companies, Arava is in the process of developing a test site (under the aforementioned regulatory path), to possibly include a variety of startups with complimentary developments (supply-side, demand-side, system design and management etc.) intended to model the grid of the future and hopefully provide a long-term platform for field testing additional technologies.

Our investment policy is to identify EnergyTech startups at or around Beta deployment readiness with the most promising teams and technologies, contribute nominal amounts to their funding round (alongside lead investors) and direct the lion’s share of our contribution to facilitating and funding a Beta deployment on our systems or designated test sites.

Our philosophy is to provide investee companies and co-investors with significant added value by leveraging Arava’s:

  • Management and business expertise;
  • Market knowledge and connection;
  • Access to financing and follow on investments;
  • Ability to provide access to early-stage field testing of their technology.

We know from our experience with Ecoppia and RayCatch that this can make all the difference in the life of a startup. With Arava’s connections and expertise, a successful pilot under their belt and real-world experience behind them, finding clients and additional investors becomes an entirely simpler proposition for startups.