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In 2007, Arava Power Company pioneered its vision to breathe new life into the southern wilderness by bringing solar power to Israel. At a time when renewable energy was an entirely foreign concept to most, Arava Power took it upon itself to develop Israel’s first utility-scale photovoltaics, which sparked an entire industry into existence.

Arava Power’s profound expertise and years of experience have allowed it to build one of the most profitable portfolios in the industry, maintaining and improving performance through excellence in development, technological innovation and advanced asset management operations.

Today, Arava Power holds a multi-GW development portfolio in Israel and the U.S, across utility scale PV and BESS, Agrivoltaic and Distributed Energy Systems.

Arava Power has been at the forefront of the energy transition, delivering on the promise of clean, sustainable energy to power our planet’s future.


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Who we are

Changing the face of energy 


Arava Power is an expert asset manager with a proven track record improving every aspect of PV assets and a technology-oriented approach. We invest, pilot, grow, & integrate cutting-edge technologies.

As the industry faces transformative shifts, unprecedented challenges, and ever-evolving demands, Arava Power is committed to continuing leading the development of Israel’s energy market by:

  • Developing new projects in cooperation with leading local and global partners;
  • Increasing strategic investments, Beta testing and integration of new technologies;
  • Expanding our focus to encompass a broader range of energy solutions, including PV systems, Energy Storage, Energy Efficiency, Grid Management and more.
  • Investing in and integrating Energy Innovation

Arava Power continues to promote increased integration of renewable energy sources and reduction of reliance on fossil fuels. We view this goal as vital for both the future of the planet and the economic development of Israel’s rural areas. We are proud to be at the vanguard of the battle against global climate change while continuing to provide outstanding performance to our investors and partners.

Arava Power has been a leader in the development of PV fields in Israel. Today, Arava Power holds a multi-GW development portfolio in Israel and the U.S. across utility-scale solar energy and energy storage, Agrivoltaic and distributed energy systems.

Having realized its vision and with 120MWp of systems established, operated & managed, the company is looking to the future of the industry it helped to create. Arava Power has now successfully developed and constructed 570MWp in Israel and the USA and has +2GW development pipeline.  

At Arava Power we deliver on our vision of clean, sustainable energy to power our planet’s future.

Management Team

Arava Power is led by a highly experienced executive team, with multidisciplinary expertise and a robust track record of entrepreneurship, project development, financing and commercial success.

Arava Power’s senior management enjoys an impressive track record of entrepreneurship, investment acumen and commercial success and is accompanied by senior executives who have joined in recent years to support our rapid expansion.

Ed Hofland

Founder & Chairman

David Rosenblatt

Founder, Vice-Chair

Ilan Zidkony


Limor Goren


Edan Kaplansky

VP Business development

Hila Peres

General Counsel – Head of Legal

Baras Yehoshua

Direrctor of finance

Ety Segev

VP Operation

Estie Yosefia


Natalie Finder

Office Manager

Kineret Tanami


Shelly Ronen

Head of bookkeeping department


Building Strong Relationships

Partner with Arava


The key to the success of Arava Power, beyond the accumulated experience and knowledge, is in strong partnerships with the world’s leading economic and professional organizations. Strong and long-term partnerships are a guarantee for the resilience of projects and the creation of business continuity.

We’ve poured years of experience and know-how into our end-to-end solution development process, and we know exactly how to turn a vision into reality and produce large and energy-intensive projects in full partnership.

By entering into a corporate partnership with Arava, you’ll work alongside a team of energy transition specialists ready to develop solutions for our next project. We will be by your side throughout our joint project


Creating lasting value for society


Arava Power is committed to corporate social responsibility. One of the mitzvot of the Torah is the mitzvah of Pe’ah . According to this mitzvah, the four corners of the field should be left untouched by harvester and saved for the poor to glean. This rule is thousands of years old and still just as relevant and  important today, Arava Power gives the Pe’ah law a modern twist, the company is dedicating the four corners of its PV solar fields to four different non-profit organizations that will benefit from the funds each corner makes for the next 20 years.

Enclosed is part of organizations Arava Power donates to:

  • A Jewish Heart for Africa an organization that uses Israeli solar systems to provide electricity to various buildings in Africa, including schools, clinics, orphanages and, likewise, water pumps
  • Bostan Non-governmental organization that works closely with the Bedouin in the Negev for a fair distribution of allocations, which includes allocations related to renewable energy combined with a concern for social and environmental justice for all people in the region
  • The Elie Wiesel Foundation “The foundation’s mission is to fight differences of opinion, intolerance and injustice through international dialogue and programs aimed at youth that encourage acceptance of the other, understanding and equality
  • Mount Adom Therapeutic Riding Center Located in the south of Ketura Sun, the riding center in Kibbutz Grofit helps disabled children from the area who need therapeutic riding.
  • ICA The Israel Cancer Association  (ICA)  the aim of  reducing cancer morbidity and mortality and  to improve the quality of cancer patient’s lives. ICA has earned its widespread recognition, both nationally and  internationally, as a spearhead in the fight against cancer. ICA works in close collaboration with health authorities, but all its activities are funded solely by private contributions, with no government funding.
  • Innovation Africa a non-profit organization that brings Israeli solar, water and agricultural technologies to rural African villages. Since 2008, using Israeli solar and water technology, Innovation: Africa has delivered access to clean water and light to over 4 million people across 10 African countries.
  • Moving Traditions Emboldens Jewish youth to thrive through the pursuit of personal wellbeing (shleimut), caring relationships (hesed), and a Jewish and feminist vision of equity and justice (tzedek). Combining positive psychology with Jewish values, we partner with Jewish institutions across North America to engage Jewish teens, families, and communities.
  • Young Judaea Global Inc. Young Judaea is the oldest Zionist youth movement in the United States. For over 100 years, Young Judaea has brought together thousands of Jewish youth from across the country and around the world – of every religious, cultural, and political persuasion, through a shared commitment to Jewish values, Jewish pride, and love of Israel.
  • Or Yarok The Or Yarok Association for Safer Driving in Israel, known simply as Or Yarok, is a not-for-profit traffic safety lobbyist organization dedicated to reducing road accidents in Israel through education, enforcement and improvement of infrastructure.


Energy is a way to spur social,
environmental and economic progress


Arava Power vision has always been one of a sustainable future. Renewable energy will certainly be more vital than ever in the years to come to the future of the planet, as a growth engine in post COVID-19 economies and as a profitable fixed income investment. We are committed to optimally positioning ourselves and our partners to reap the benefits of this dynamic industry.

Producing clean energy from renewable sources is just the first step toward a new sustainable model for developing, building and operating our plants.

We work each and every day to create value in all the contexts in which we have a presence. Our aim is to combine our industrial goals with the socioeconomic development of the areas where we operate. We build solid, positive relationships in order to achieve sustainable and enduring results.