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Delivering on the promise of Renewable Energy

Arava Power is a utility-scale renewables Developer-IPP that pioneered Israeli utility-scale PV in 2007. We develop, own, and operate a multi-GW portfolio of solar energy and energy storage assets in Israel and the USA.

Since the earliest days of the renewable energy industry,
Arava Power has been at the forefront of the energy transition, delivering on the promise of clean, sustainable energy to power our planet’s future.

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The difficult we do first; the impossible takes a little longer

David Ben Gurion

The Israel’s first prime minister and the national founding father of the state of Israel

Our Success Guidelines







We’re in for the long haul and are proud of our excellent relationships across the industry. We’re honored by the trust landowners, partners and financers have and continue to place in our abilities.


With our strategic partnerships we are taking our collaboration initiatives to the next level. The partnerships range from a strategic thinking campaign to commercial partnerships.


We are constantly innovating to find increasingly efficient ways of generating, distributing and using energy.
Innovation open ourselves up to the outside world, to industrial partners, universities, research centers, startups and clients.

we create a perfect ecosystem that encourages exchange and crossovers, and which also allows us to work closely to invent innovative solutions that meet society’s new needs.


With the longest track record in Utility Scale Solar of any Israeli company, Arava Power is an expert developer with industry leading profitability and success rates.



We’ve raised billions in equity and debt financing for our projects from the leading Israeli and Global financial institutions. We focus on optimizing financial structures to improve long-term project cash flows and risk profiles.



We’ve been operating PV plants for 15 years and have gotten pretty good at it. Our expertise in streamlining operations and improving system performance long-term has enabled us to increase margins by as much as 50% for operational assets.

Producing clean energy from renewable sources is just the first step toward a new sustainable model for developing, building and operating our plants.


We work each and every day to create value in all the contexts in which we have a presence. Our aim is to combine our industrial goals with the socioeconomic development of the areas where we operate. We build solid, positive relationships in order to achieve sustainable and enduring results.


We’re among the world’s leading renewable energy companies, with a broad range of solutions to help decarbonise the world’s energy system and limit global warming.

Renewable Energy Solutions


From Local energy systems to Repower, find out how our energy technologies work, their benefits, projected growth, and more.


Local Energy

The development of microgrids to align with the distributed grid architecture of the future These projects provide a holistic system which can interface with the central grid.


Dual-use projects to maximize available land and minimizing environmental impact. Pilot projects now under development and thousands of acres are under option.

Utility Scale
PV & Storage

Over 500MWp utility scale solar and storage projects.

Our portfolio includes projects which are operational, under construction, due to commence construction within a year, or with signed PPAs.


Continue to upgrade and develop the existing operating assets. Inter alia, combining storge solutions, utilizing regulatory changes and extending contractual agreements.

Facilitating renewables for
a brighter future

Arava Power is a global incubator focused on advancing tomorrow’s energy technology.

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Environmental Energy

Arava envisions a world that is powered solely by green energy and prevents CO₂ emissions through its renewable energy projects.

Climate change has become a major issue, increased human emissions of heat-trapping greenhouse gases are already having widespread effects on the environment.

To avoid the most devastating impacts of climate change, emissions need to be cut virtually in half by 2030 and reach net-zero by 2050*.

Renewable energy offers a clean, reliable, and sustainable source of energy that can be used to power the future without polluting the planet.

* The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change